Christianity UNDER ATTACK: Week of HORROR in India as worshippers suffer Easter attacks



A Coptic Christian interment in Egypt following an attack

Open Doors, an anti-persecution Christian philanthropy, have revealed a week of chaos for Christians in the country over the festive epoch.

They warned these violent Easter attacks brought the tot up number of attacks on Christians in India this year to 11.

On Palm Sunday, precise extremists disrupted a church service in Hyderdad and threatened to punish the Christians if they didn’t thwart praying.

Three days later 20 extremists stormed a baptism accommodation and assaulted the parishioners. The Pastor and two others were badly injured in the infect.

Converts from a Hindu background bear the brunt of the persecution in India and are constantly lower than drunk pressure to return to Hinduism

Open Doors

On 30 March, Clergyman Maddira Kotireddy was left in a critical condition after he was attacked by precise extremists with an axe. He lost several fingers in the attack, and was injured in the accept, shoulders, face and hands.

Another Pastor was stoned by attackers on 31 Procession and was hospitalised after the assault.

And on Easter Sunday a pastor in Coimbatore was toured and suffered a head injury after a group of extremists stormed his church.

The attacks yielded after widespread protests across the country after the government of Meghalaya, a affirm in north-east India, proposed making Good Friday a ‘normal rise day’, even though Christians account for 75 percent of the population of the structure.


India is 11th on the list

Christians argued the were being beat ited their religious freedom and the proposal was overturned.

Both Good Friday and Christmas Day are nationalist holidays in India.

Christians in India had been warned not to celebrate Christmas publicly after a assortment of carollers were attacked.

A group of 30 Christmas carollers were arrested in India after they were began and had their car set alight — with warnings now issued to other worshippers.

Persuadable Doors have put India at number 11 on their “World Babysit for List” of the 50 countries where Christians face the most immoderate persecution.

Open Doors said: “Converts from a Hindu out of the public eye bear the brunt of the persecution in India and are constantly under pressure to takings to Hinduism.

«Radical Hindu groups are increasingly enjoying impunity when they annoy Muslims or Christians.

“At least 8 Christians were killed last year and closely 24,000 physically assaulted. As a result, the level of fear and uncertainty middle the majority of Christians is increasing.”

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