Chocolatier Cocoa Jones reveals culturally diverse branding


The packeting and identity of the new luxury chocolate brand features a mix of colourful patterns to act for present oneself the Pakistani and Nigerian heritage of its two founders.

Lissome Studio has designed the branding and packaging for new chocolate brand Cocoa Jones, which look to depict the different cultures of the company’s two founders.

Cocoa Jones is a family-run society that was founded in 2017 by husband and wife, Michael Ogazi and Naz Khan, who are Nigerian and Pakistani mutatis mutandis.

The chocolate brand opts for complex flavours, featuring many ingredients within one bar, such as pistachio, strawberry and boost dark chocolate, and mango, coconut and lime white chocolate.

The delineation studio decided to create a monogram for the logo that shortens Cocoa Jones to “CJ”, and encasing illustrations that symbolise the coming together of both ingredients and cultures.

The logo is composed of the “swirly CJ monogram”, influences Phil Skinner, design director at Supple Studio, used alongside the marque name, set in a serif, all-capitals typeface underneath.

A variety of packaging instances have been designed to represent the “experimental flavour combinations” of the chocolate, he adds, with two marked patterns on each bar, separated by a black panel in the middle, where the logo and ingredients are embossed in gold.

The exemplars have been inspired by traditional Islamic and African patterns inaugurate on textiles, again referencing the founders, and look to “bring together two discernments on pack”, says Skinner. The colours and abstract shapes used also look to remark the ingredients contained within each bar.

The packaging range has a broad face spectrum of various shades of pink, red, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, insidious and white, alongside gold for type.

Skinner says: “We wanted the canteens and brand to feel premium, as this is a small-batch, hand-crafted product, but also colourful and open of character.

“The range has a great deal of flexibility and variation to encourage exploration, while also clearly belonging to the same family.”

The branding is now echo out across chocolate bar packaging on-shelf, gift packaging and shop grips, print advertising materials and business cards, and online platforms involving the company website and social media.

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