Chloe Madeley flaunts washboard abs as she strips down to sports bra for another sexy snap


The 28-year-old much shares revealing selfies and today was no different, as she took to Instagram to interest a snap of herself posing in the mirror.

She showed off her washboard stomach and moderate pins, wearing a ir of black briefs and a pink and black flaunts bra.

Chloe captioned the image: “Curvier = Stronger.”

Her latest shaft comes just days after she hit out at one of her followers who described her muscular cavil at as “disgusting”.

The picture in question was a before and after shot which accorded Chloe lifting up her bra to showcase her impeccably toned torso.

“Disgusting! – there’s nothing effeminate about that!!!” one user posted in reaction to the snap.

“What’s off-putting is your brain, that has been brainwashed in to thinking another other than “tender” is disgusting. What’s disgusting is your mouth / hands for saying it / typing it out piercing to women. What’s disgusting if your ego for presuming that you know what “docile” is,’ Chloe hit back.

This certainly isn’t the first time Chloe has hit out at trolls, with her in olden days telling “I think a lot of people often think that I’m go back b reacquiring upset, lashing out and defending myself when really I am my dad’s daughter and I fondness a rant.

“I love a reason to tell people to shut up, especially when it comes down to my devise. I love telling w*****s who are w*****s that they’re w*****s and I miss other people, especially young women, to feel empowered.

“Whether it be me, which is spooky and humbling and lovely, or whoever the f**k it is I want them to feel like they can stand in readiness c stick to up for themselves.

“The second the women on mass feel like they can do that, the any minute now we’re going to solve all these body image misconceptions and c**p that’s out there.”

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