Chloe Ayling ‘kidnapper’ will be extradited to Italy, judge rules



Scale model ‘kidnapper’ will be extradited to Italy, judge rules

Herba’s solicitors said they will appeal, having claimed the entire outline was an elaborate publicity stunt.

Miss Ayling, 20, claims she was plucked, drugged and held hostage for six days by a group calling itself Sinister Death after being lured to a fake modelling shoot in Milan in July.


Forgo Ayling, 20, claims she was snatched, drugged and held hostage for six eras

At a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Paul Goldspring communicated the 36-year-old should be extradited to Italy to join his brother, Lukasz Herba, 30, to physiognomy allegations they kidnapped the model before demanding a 300,000 euro (£264,00) payment.

«I have decided you should be surrendered to Italy to face trial for the seize,» the judge told Herba.

In court documents, released by the judge, Herba, who motivated to the UK permanently in 2011, claims to have driven to Milan from Poland to meet his confrere on July 10.

«I also met Chloe Ayling who was unoccupied, chilled and relaxed. She seemed to be an attention seeker,» he said.

Herba, who creates as a driver, said he went back to Poland the following day, returning to England on July 15, barely finding out about the kidnapping from reading about it in newspapers.

He joined: «The entire thing seems to be a scam. If I did something illegal I would not revert to England to continue working and to live openly.»

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