Chisinau – the capital of Moldova



History and geography

The capital of Moldova is located on seven hills around the river of Bick in the centre of the country. You can find here more than 20 lakes and lots of rks; this is why Chisinau is in the list of the green cities in Europe.

In the history of Chisinau you can find a lot of wars and invasions, ruining and revivals. Turkish tribes and Tatars along with Bessarabia princes robbed the place and the economy has known shakes and decays.

The modern capital of Republic Moldova is the city with population growing to million and it is one of big cultural centers in Europe.

Brief facts

* The international airport, which accepts tourists, is the best one in the former USSR. It is located only within 10 km from the city and accepts direct flights from Moscow. The flight between Moscow and Chisinau takes about two hours. You can reach the centre by a special shuttle or minibuses.

* While sightseeing in Chisinau you will have to use trolleybuses, buses or minibuses.

* The most pleasant feature of the tour to Chisinau is shopping. You can bring back home textile, ceramics, clothes with national decorations and things wattle of rod. In Chisinau they sell great wines of Moldova, which you should buy in shops belonging to wineries.

* High rate restaurants or home dinners in family cafes are options to select during the tour to Chisinau. Anyway, the quality of dishes served will be excellent whatever the status of the place for dining is.

National souvenirs

To describe them, more than one ge is needed. The most famous market is neat the National Theatre. Talented crafters from all regions of Moldova come here to sell the masterpieces created on their own. What you can have here is different clothes woven or embroidered, textile, wood crafts, and pottery and ceramic items. The market has to offer pictures, icons and antique items. Sellers often set really high prices and many people who are aware of the fact start bargaining at once, thus getting the price lower as a rule.

Things to see

You may find not so many masterpieces of architecture in the tourists’ pictures, but many bright impressions will be brought by visiting museums and rks. From the start the visitors try to visit Museum of National Archeology and History. Artifacts conserved here tell of the life of Orhei Vechi and the Second World War.

One more place full of visitors is Pushkin Museum. It is well-known that the genius of Russian poetry was deported to Chisinau. He lived here three years and wrote some compositions, which affected the world.

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