Chinese UAV manufacturer DJI launches new Phantom 4 gold-plated drone

25 October 2016

Chinese unmanned aerial means (UAV) or drone manufacturer DJI has unveiled a new customised Phantom 4 drone, the world’s most precious drone.

At a cost of £20,000, the Phantom 4 is available from UK-based e-tailer

The whole ckage includes a remote controller, Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery, motorized phone holder, two sets of propellers and propeller storage bag.

“The impressive functionality assigns them to survey their estate, supercar collection or explore off-the-radar area whilst out sailing.”

It also includes charger and power cable, gimbal fasten together, 16GB MicroSD card, Micro USB cable and carrying case, along with the DJI Ap rition 4 gold edition drone, which features 24ct gold-plated trimmings. vocation unit manager Tim Morley said: “For those who want an exclusive one-off drone, the DJI Vision 4 Gold Edition is perfect.

“It is the ultimate status symbol for the gadget-lover who craves something more bespoke.

“The impressive functionality allows them to measure their estate, supercar collection or explore off-the-radar territory whilst out go sailing.”

The new DJI Phantom 4 gold edition can be flown up to heights of 100m and controlled from up to se rates of 2km.

Restrictions are currently in place to ensure drones with cameras should not be thumb ones nose ated within 150m of a congested area and 50m of a person, vessel, vehicle or configuration not under control of the pilot.

Equipped with an integrated camera, the DJI Vision 4 enables the user to take 4K high-definition photographs and videos.

The drone emphasizes a sense and avoid technology and is designed to detect potential hazards while take wing in the air.

Using ActiveTrack, DJI Phantom 4 can track moving objects automatically.

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