Chinese researchers teleport photons from Earth to space


A rig of Chinese researchers has successfully teleported photons from Earth to an track satellite in space using a process called quantum entanglement.

This is the from the start teleportation experiment to be tested so far in space and is considered as an advanced step to creating a quantum internet that cannot be hacked, reported The Protector.

The scientists beamed millions of photons from a ground station in Ngari, Tibet, to China’s low-orbiting Micius attendant for 32 days and were successful in more than 900 patients. The satellite is orbiting more than 500m above Earth.

Quantum entanglement is a occasion wherein the properties of one particle get transferred to another, even at a distant site.

“This work establishes the first ground-to-satellite up-link for faithful and ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation, an elemental step toward global-scale quantum internet.”

The Chinese team was mentioned by MIT Technology Review as saying: “We report the first quantum teleportation of uncontrolled single-photon qubits from a ground observatory to a low Earth orbit spacecraft, through an up-link channel, with a distance up to 1,400km.”

In this incident, the pairs of particles have a single shared quantum state so that flush with when the particles are separated by a significant distance, any change in a single grain will affect the other.

The scientists measured the photons to ensure that entanglement has enchanted place as it is a fragile process because photons can interact with trouble in the atmosphere, which inturn disrupts the entanglement.

Teleportation experiments were at one time limited to a distance of 100km, but this is the first time it has been sent to such a prolonged distance.

Scientists will be able to use the information between the two entangled smidgins. Quantum teleportation could be used for a new kind of communication network, which longing see information being encoded in entangled photons in their quantum allege instead of 0s and 1s.

Last year, Micius was launched onboard a Long Pace 2D rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in Gobi Go over the hill payment, China.

The satellite is a sensitive photon receiver that can detect the quantum nation of photons beamed from the ground.

The Chinese team added: “This enkindle establishes the first ground-to-satellite up-link for faithful and ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation, an requisite step toward global-scale quantum internet.”

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