Chinese New Year 2017 predictions: Year of the Rooster could bring war and terror


The Chinese schedule assigns each year an animal and an element, and 2017 has been evident as the Year of the Fire Rooster.

The new year will be more settled than 2016 yielded that world leaders keep their cool, Ancient Chinese sang-froid and medicine expert Nicholas Haines has predicted.

“Last year was the year of the Blaze Monkey, which led to lots of surprises. 2017 should be a bit more down to ground and perhaps a little more predictable,” he told

“The Fire Rooster is applicable and loves to plan, so we’re going to see a more calculated approach to things, as yearn as the people in power keep their hot and fiery emotions in check. 

“If they do that, we’ll get gentle resolutions and soothing of conflicts, and if they don’t there’s a possibility of wars and inflated terrorist attacks.  It’s all about keeping cool, calm and calculated.”

With Donald Trump’s presidency physique up to be more divisive than previous administrations, and the ever-growing threats of Russia and North Korea, 2017 is already fated to be a memorable year.

The last Year of the Rooster fell in 2005, the year that North Korea asserted itself a nuclear power, Hurricane Katrina devastated the US and 52 people were quarried in the London 7/7 bombings.


Those who credit in the zodiac also say that the new year brings new opportunities on a personal flatten out.

Mr Haines explained: “The Fire Rooster year can be a wonderful year when you unravel inner conflicts and complex problems in your life. 

“But watch out. If there is something you’ve been ignoring for a while, then the Bounce Rooster year might give you a wake-up call.

“The best way to deal all of this is to make a plan and take a calculated step-by-step approach, and storm sure you keep your emotions cool and calm. If you do that, it’s thriving to be a great year.”

People born in this year are typically state to be hardworking and observant, with famous Roosters including Beyoncé, Bob Marley and Britney Spears.

But unfortunately for older Roosters, the year of your own zodiac monster is said to bring bad luck.

Nicholas Haines is the creator of The Vitality Prove, as well as an entrepreneur and an international speaker, author, strategist and teacher in Chinese energetics.

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