China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea to take part in Baikal Dialogue forum


The fifth ecumenical forum Baikal Dialogue due to take place on September 15-16 in Ulan-Ude is awaited to bring together rtici nts from Russia, China, Ja n, Mongolia and South Korea, a spokesman for the codifying committee said on Thursday.

“This year, the forum’s main area of study will be international and trans-border cooperation in the interests of the development of the Baikal quarter,” the press service of Mikhail Slipenchuk, a member of the Russian State Duma lessen rliament house and one of the would-be forum’s moderators, said.

China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea to take part in Baikal Dialogue forum

Experts will-power discuss issues of inter-regional and trans-border cooperation, trade-and-economic and scientific and applied cooperation, and problems of special economic zones.

“The program of the forum countenances B2B ‘Contact Exchanges’ that will make it possible for Russian trains to establish direct contacts with potential rtners from China and Mongolia,” the pressure service said, adding that the Baikal Dialogue also insinuates active bilateral cooperation between rliaments as well.

Along with Slipenchuk, who is operative chairman of the State Duma committee on natural resources, nature operation and ecology, the forum will be moderated by Russian Deputy Minister of Remunerative Development Alexander Tsybulsky.

The annual Baikal Dialogue forum is a rostrum used to discuss economic cooperation and environment security of Russia’s Siberia and the Far East, and countries of the Asia cific division. Its organizers are the Russian State Duma, the government of Russia’s republic of Buryatia and the Russian sacred calling of economic development. The forum enjoys support from the Metropol rty of Com nies and the Baikal Preservation Fund.


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