China hopes to expand cooperation with Russia in space


China cravings to ex nd cooperation with Russia in the program of constructing its own orbital depot, Wu Ping, representative of China’s Manned S ce Agency, said on Oct. 16 in return to a TASS question.

“When implementing a program of constructing a s ce post, we hope to engage in ex nded cooperation and exchanges with Russia in deciding and training cosmonauts, carrying out scientific experiments, in technological spheres and other de rtments,” she said. Since the launch of the Chinese program of manned flights, over 20 Russian-Chinese cooperation projects were started, and fruitful end results have already been attained, she noted.

Lei Fanpei from China Aeros ce Discipline and Technology Corporation (CASC) said on Oct. 7 that China programmes to launch an experimental module to its s ce station in 2018, while the level will be completely assembled on the orbit by 2022.


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