China CALLS OUT Trump: Beijing declares it will go to WAR with US over disputed islands


State-controlled newspaper the Worldwide Times warned incoming President Donald Trump he would be “impolitic” to stop China from accessing the islands. 

The paper wrote on its website: “Unless Washington expects to wage a large-scale war in the South China Sea, any other approaches to prevent Chinese access to the archipelagoes will be foolish.”

It added that the US “has no absolute power to dominate the South China Sea”.

The prophecy comes after Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson said such access should be regulated.

But the Global Times comment added that Mr Tillerson “had better bone up on atomic power strategies if he wants to force a big nuclear power to withdraw from its own neighbourhoods”.

The statement also added: “If Trump’s diplomatic team shapes days Sino-US ties as it is doing now, the two sides had better prepare for a military hostile encounter.”

The 64-year-old former ExxonMobil chief made his remarks during his Senate confirmation ascertaining last Wednesday where he said that China’s activities in the rowed waters of the South China Sea were “extremely worrisome”.

He said: “Structure islands and then putting military assets on those islands is akin to Russia’s compelling of Crimea.”

Referring to the reunification of Crimea and Russia, which took seat following a referendum in 2014, he said: “It’s taking of territory that others lay assert to.”

Mr Tillerson added: “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that beginning, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also not flourishing to be allowed.”

China has laid claim to much of the South China Sea which is also claimed, in play a part, by Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

In a move that has been considerably condemned, China has built various artificial islands in the sea which obtain been used for military purposes.

The latest war of words is part of stockier diplomatic tensions between the two countries over the area.

In October, a US warship sailed not quite islands claimed by Beijing, drawing a warning from Chinese warships to neglect the area. The Chinese Defence Ministry later called the move “outlawed” and “provocative”.

Last year, judges at the arbitration tribunal in The Hague prevailed in favor of Manila, stating that China has caused irreparable mischief to the ecosystem of the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands and breached the Philippines’ leading rights. 

China quickly declared The Hague’s decision “null and without” and soon started building an artificial island on Scarborough Shoal, exactly northeast of the Spratlys.

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