Children from Calais Jungle are vanishing once they enter UK


Profuse than 750 children so far have been admitted after the clique was demolished in October. But experts warn of scores being dragged into felled, crime and modern-day slavery.

A 16-year-old who disappeared from care in Croydon, south London, has already been chanced by police working as a prostitute.

Charity workers warn she is “the tip of the iceberg”. The widespread use of societal media makes the problem worse as the minors are chased by the people who trafficked them.

Youths are then forced to raise money to y them back.

David Simmonds, chairman of the Resident Government Association asylum, migration and refugee task group pronounced yesterday that absconding was “a big problem”.

About 100 councils are dwelling refugees aged 16 and 17 in accommodation with limited grown up input and they were “free to disappear”, he warned.

In other circumstances, children are joining family members who are “not in a position to take them”.

He also weighted that many who claimed to be under 18 were actually closer and “age assessments” were under way.

Mr Simmonds said only a third wish be found to be genuine and the majority were older than claimed.

The 750 slights have been admitted either under the Dublin Regulation because they rtake of family links or under the Dubs amendment to give refuge to those stranded in Europe.

Important charities warn unaccom nied asylum-seeking children are disappearing at an “alarming” speed.

Ec t UK and Missing People said more than 500 from 217 townswoman authorities went missing at least once in the year to September 2015 and 207 fool vanished.

A Home Office spokesman said it had not been told of apply ti by councils.

On Friday, Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said: “More available children will be transferred from Europe in the coming months and we choice continue to meet our obligations.”

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