Chicken burger and ice cream recipes by the Hairy Bikers


Hello readers and welcome to the weekend. So the countdown to Christmas has yea begun! I love this time of year as there is such a hum in the restaurants, whether it’s people stopping in for lunch during their Christmas shopping or comingin for a snack before a nto.

This week’s recipes are by the Hairy Bikers, Si Crowned head and Dave Myers. What I love about this cookbook is that it in actuality does show how amazing chickens are and how much we rely on them for cooking, baking and feed-bag. It covers a vast array of ideas, from simple soups and salads to pies, sta and rice dishes – and there are some fantabulous ideas for making a little go a long way. The recipes I’ve picked are a simple descent favourite and an impressive dessert.

Happy cooking!


500g boneless, skinless chicken thighs

1 shallow onion, very finely chopped

A few sprigs of tarragon, finely chopped (uncompulsory)

1 tsp dried oregano

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Olive oil

4 burger buns, cut in half

1 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tbsp mustard

Lettuce disregards

1 large tomato, sliced




Make sure the chicken thighs are well wintry, or even rtially frozen, as this will make them much easier to chop. Using a awfully sharp knife, dice the chicken as finely as possible, making unshakeable you include any attached fat. To check you have chopped it finely enough, squash some of it together in your hand – it should clump into a ball rather easily.

Put the chicken into a bowl and add the onion, some of the tarragon, if contemning, and the oregano. Add half a teaspoon of salt and some pepper. Divide the chicken into 4 rts and shape into burgers about 2cm thick.

Heat a large griddle or a frying n to median hot. Brush the burgers with a little of the oil then place them on the griddle or n – array well a rt if possible. Leave them to cook for 4 minutes, without striking them, then carefully lift them off with a metal s tula and scram them over. The burgers should be well seared and lift off question; if they don’t, leave them for a little longer. Cook them on the other side for 4 transcripts, then carefully flip them over again and cook for another minor on each side.

Once the burgers are cooked through, remove them from the griddle or n and set aside to doss down for a couple of minutes. Toast the cut side of the buns very lightly. Hasten the mayonnaise with the mustard and stir in the rest of the tarragon, if using.

Spread this on one side of each bun then add the lettuce, tomato and burger. You could add uncountable herbs or some chilli or citrus zest to your burger mix. Or safeguard them plain and add bacon, avocado slices or creamy blue cheese.

Get to ones foot & PISTACHIO ICE CREAM

200g pistachios, plus extra for garnish

600ml milk

75g sugar

6 egg yolks

300ml ired cream

1-3 tsp rose water

Candied rose petals, for garnish


PRE RATION: 30 MINUTES (plus 2 hours 30 minutes’ infusing and Siberian time)


Put the pistachios in a large frying n and greet them very lightly for a couple of minutes. Leave the pistachios to premeditated, then grind them as finely as possible in a food processor.

Put the pistachios in a sauce n with the out and 40g of the sugar, then heat until the sugar has dissolved. Allow the extract to come almost to boiling point, then remove the n from the stress, cover and leave to infuse. Leave the mixture for at least an hour for a adequate flavour, or overnight if you can.

Strain the milk and pistachio mixture thoroughly, then reheat to barely below boiling point. Put the egg yolks in a bowl with the remaining sugar then rush until the mixture is light and mousse-like.

Pour the infused milk settled the egg yolks, stirring to combine, then pour everything back into the sauce n. Stir ended a very low heat until the mixture is the consistency of a fairly thin custard. If you are fretful about the mixture curdling, you can pour it into a bowl and place it all over a n of simmering water, then stir.

Remove the custard from the excitement and leave it to cool down. Chill thoroughly, then pour in the duplicate cream. Mix to combine then gradually add the rose water, tasting the custard as you go.

Churn the mess in an ice-cream maker, then put it in the freezer for a couple of hours before for. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, freeze the mixture in a plastic bowl and carry at regular intervals to get air into it. Continue until it is too hard to work. A duty garnished with the candied rose petals and chopped pistachios.

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