Cheers! Joy for farmers as demand for essential beer ingredient has risen


It is the premier time in 15 years that growers have had to increase the total of crops planted to meet demand.

The additional yield being vintaged right now at one the UK’s biggest hop farms will go toward making an extra 3.7 million pints of beer — a vast reason to raise a glass and celebrate the success of this traditional British crop.

Hop is an fundamental ingredient in beer.

Hops are one of the basic ingredients in beer brewing along with scintilla, yeast, and water.

It is the flower of the hop plant that is used in brewing.

Brewers can fluctuate the ratio of sweet maltiness to bitterness in the final beer by adjusting the type of voyages used in the brewing.

Ali Capper, who grows 108 acres of hops in Suckley, Worcestershire, asserted: «We were definitely concerned earlier on. Because the bines, which are the fancy garlands of hops, hate wet weather.

«But the beautifully warm May together with the after few weeks of sunshine, have made it a bumper year.»

Much of Britain’s hop formation is based in two traditional growing areas, the Midlands and the South East.

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