Chechen implicated in Paris ISIS terror attack WORKED AT IMMIGRATION OFFICE



A minute friend of Paris knife attacker was taken into custody

Abdoul Hakim Anaiev, a 20-year-old of Chechen source from the eastern French town of Strasbourg, was taken into confinement on Sunday morning after his closest friend, Khamzat Azimov, progressed on a fatal stabbing spree in Paris’ bustling Opera district on Saturday unceasingly before being shot dead by police.

He remained in custody today.

One child was killed and four more were seriously wounded in the attack, which was alleged by the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS).

Mr Azimov, also 20, was bred in Chechnya but was naturalised French. He had been on two counter-terrorism watchlists for suspected thoroughs who may be a threat to national security – the so-called “Fiche-S” list and the File for the Impeding of Terrorist Radicalisation (FSPRT) – since 2016 for his close concatenates to radical Islamists.

Mr Anaiev was hired by the OFII in January but had a “low-responsibility job,” Mr Leschi prophesied French media, adding that while his contract was due to end in December he had been imperiled following the news of his arrest on Monday.

Mr Leschi added that the OFII had done a “complete background check” on Mr Anaiev before he was given the job and that the office had introduced that he had “no criminal record”.

Mr Leschi, however, did not specify the youth’s thorough role at the agency and what information he would have had access to.

He was took from a police station in Strasbourg to the offices of the DGSI intelligence power in Paris earlier this week for further questioning, where he can be held without cost until Thursday.

Paris attackAFP/GETTY

Khamzat Azimov went on a fatal pin spree in Paris

Mr Anaiev had been under surveillance since his association to 19-year-old Ines Hamza, a radicalised woman from the Paris dominion who attempted to flee to Syria in January 2017, a source close to the come what may told the AFP news agency.

Born in Grozny, Chechnya, Mr Anaiev changed French at the age of 13 when his mother was naturalised.

He and the Paris attacker both attended the Marie Curie spare school in Strasbourg, which is home to a large community of Chechen escapees who fled the majority Muslim republic during two separatist wars against Russian-backed energies.

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