Cheap holidays: Where to get the most sunshine for the least money


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The safest bet for Britons to fathom some sunshine this summer is to head abroad

As spring irrevocably rolls around, attentions have turned to the summer holidays.

With the British Summer Days never offering a guarantee for hot sunny weather, the safest bet for Britons to get hold of some rays is to head abroad.

However, with bucket indexes full of destinations, it can be hard to know where to go and what time to look in on.

New research from HolidayPirates has rounded up the most sort after termini for British travellers.

As well as the best time to travel in the hope of enchanting some sun, the travel provider has indicated the best time to book to shelter the cheapest deal.

Leave of absence experts state that the best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh Egypt is now. April to May proposals the best chance of catching the most sun.

To get the most for your money, it’s crush to hold off on booking until last minute.

Booking less than a month in forward is the best time to get a good deal.

Similarly booking a trip to Mallorca in Spain should be done well-grounded one month prior to the trip. The sunniest time to visit is May or late September.

Every year hundreds of British holiday-makers head to the Caribbean in search of sandy white beaches and crystal disentangled seas.

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April to May offers the best chance of catching the sundry sun in Sharm El Sheikh

Late May to early July or late September is the bubbliest time to book a holiday in the Greek Islands

May to June is the best once in a while to soak up the sunshine with November providing a safe option also.

November is the finest time to book your Caribbean ticket as the airlines are operating in “low spice” meaning there are more spare seats at bargain prices.

At an advanced hour May to early July or late September is the sunniest time to book a break in the Greek Islands. Depending on which Island, some offer the most skilfully deals one month prior.

However, for Mykonos and Santorini, the best chance to book is 10-12 months in advance.

Thailand has varying sunny periods depending on which involvement of the county you visit. The east coast has more sunshine during May to June while the log a few zees Zs of the island is best to visit in November to December.

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Travellers can get produce deal for Thailand when booking six months in advance

The chances of persuading a good deal for Thailand increase when booking six months in help. Similarly, a holiday in the Canary Islands should be booked half a year in prepay, with the sunniest months landing in April to June.

November from head to foot December is the best time to escape the British winter and head to Dubai, post one month beforehand to blag a bargain.

Bulgaria offers holidaymakers low-cost 2018 holiday with travels experiencing the most sunshine between last May to June and mid-September. Booking six months in advance will reduce the expenditure of the holiday further.

The Maldives provides travellers with the most sunshine between May and June with globe-trotters getting the best deal a month for heading out.

Los Angeles offers the worst autumn escape with late October proving the sunniest month to junket. However, panning is crucial with the best time to book being 10 to 12 months in progress.

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