Cheap flights: The SIX tricks experts use to save money on summer flights


With elevation holiday season nearly here, millions of Brits are getting inclined to head to the airports for their annual summer holiday. As prices stream due to an increase in demand, it’s more important than ever to get the best realizable deal on flights.

If you choose your wisely, you could save up to £100 per ticket on goes this summer.

With so many strategies at play when it distributes to bagging a bargain, it’s important to separate the fact from the fiction.

Some junkets tactics, such as believing last minute details are always baser, are false.

Others might have been true several years ago, but are no lengthier relevant. For example, it used to be cheapest to book flights on Tuesdays, as that was the pass airlines would release new fares to travel agents. With the immediacy of the internet, tag sales are now released everyday.

The journey experts at digital banking app Revolut highlighted six ways to save cabbage on your summer holiday by choosing your flights wisely. 

Totally your browser cache and cookies to save money

When mapping a holiday, most people look up the price of a flight on comparison websites or airline positions several times before they make a booking.

Then when they for all time click through to check out, they may notice the price has risen.

“Airlines and order sites can record your browser history by installing cookies on browsers, explanation they can compare their price with what you have visioned previously and bump up the price as they see fit,” the Revolut team explained.

To circumvent this, clear your browser cache and cookies and turn on particular browsing before you go window shopping on airlines or booking sites, they guided.

Cheap flights: Clear your browser history to ensure you get the cheapest fare availableGETTY

Cheap flights: Clear your browser history to assure you get the cheapest fare available

Choosing to avoid culmination flight times – the mornings – usually results in cheaper fares

Tome evening flights

The downside of flying in the evening is that you can arrive at your goal in the small hours, but if you are willing to put up with that inconvenience, evening bolts typically cost 30 percent less than daytime do a bunks.

Another added bonus is that there are usually less riders therefore you spend less time battling to get off the plane and queuing for your bags.

Book flights in foreign currency

Booking flights using a out of the ordinary currency can sometimes save you hundreds of pounds, according to Revolut.

The biggest savings to be had are for excursions in Asia, but it is still possible to save some money by avoiding settlement in pounds. For example, you can save around £15 on a journey between London and New York if you pay using Danish Krone, the span noted.

Be careful to ensure you’re not encountering any additional charges from your bank beforehand booking.

Cheap flights: Booking flights in foreign currency can save you money GETTY

Cheap flights: Booking flights in foreign currency can come to someones rescue you money

Book your return flight with a different airline

There is no extremity to book a return flight on the same airline as your outbound stampede flee.

While it may be easier and save you time to go with the same airline, you can put by as much as much as 20 percent if you find an alternative airline leave to the same airport at a similar time.

Flying indirect can almost halve dismiss prices

If money is more important than time, booking an tortuous flight with a stopover has the potential to save you around 40 percent. This is uncommonly the case with long-haul flights, Revolut said.

Stopovers can be anything from an hour to a caboodle largely day, but if you can spare the time, you will have more spending money for your fair.

Fly to and from smaller airports

Larger airports are often more pleasing due to their central location and easy transport connections, but that convenience in many cases comes at a price.

If you are willing to fly from smaller airports that are a diminutive further out, these are usually home to budget airlines that can lay you up to £100 on flight costs.

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