Cheap flights: New budget airline announces SLASHED fares for short-haul holidays


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Air France has portended their new budget airline Joon to launch later this year

Airlines are increasingly triturating their fares and offering cheaper flight options in a bid to keep up profits.

British Airways is one of the modern big airlines to try and break the market with their cheaper airline Straightforward withs.

However, Air France is the latest to offer a budget option alongside their stereotypical flights.

It is great news for travellers looking for a bargain holiday.

The new airline Joon is hoping to clash against other low-cost airlines such as Norwegian Air and EasyJet.

It is desiring to offer short and medium haul flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in the French cap city later this year.

Long-haul flights are set to join later next year.

In whatever way, the destinations and fares aren’t to be announced until September this year.

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The new airline is hoping to rival cheaper airlines such as Norwegian Air

The tag Joon is a play on the French word ‘jeune’ which means ‘childlike

Whilst the airline is calling it a ‘complimentary’ carrier to it’s Air France brand, it is looking to submit lower cost flights.

The name Joon is a play on the French tidings ‘jeune’ which means ‘young’, as it hopes that the younger production will also be a target for the cheaper fare options.

Air France chief governmental Franck Terner stated: «The creation of a new airline is a historic moment in myriad ways. 

“Its creation will improve the profitability of the Air France group, capacitating it to reduce its costs.»

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Air France are hoping to reduce travel outlay for budget holidaymakers

It’s the latest exciting change in the travel industry drew to make flying cheaper.

Earlier this week, budget airline WOW air advertised that airlines could even pay Britons to travel abroad with them in the expected.

CEO Skúli Mogensen hoped that by encouraging travellers to fly more regularly with the airline, they could then be agreed-upon free airfares.

It is certainly an interesting take on the future of air travel.

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