Cheap flights: Fly with Emirates from London to Dubai for £319 THIS April


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Emirates is contribution passengers cheap flights from the UK to Dubai

With winter long on, the idea of a touch of sunshine has never sounded more appealing, specifically to far-flung corners of the globe such as Dubai.

Securing cheap sabbaticals, especially on long-haul flights can be a logistical nightmare.

Fortunately for holidaymakers, the begin flight deals are now on the horizon.

Emirates, the predominant airline in Dubai participate in today launched their spring holiday deals.

Stretching across the UK, the airline is contribution passengers the change to fly to Dubai with prices starting from £319.

Between April and June, fellows can secure cheap flights from a wide variety of UK airports

Alongside split chases to Dubai, the airline is offering discounts on flights to Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia.

Between April and June, guys can secure cheap flights from a wide variety of UK airports.

An thriftiness class return ticket to Dubai from London Gatwick or Stansted starts at £319 when losing between 3 April and 14 June.

From either Manchester Birmingham, Newcastle or Glasgow, a escape to Dubai with Emirates starts from £339 for a return peregrination.

However, these flights must be booked before the 9 April (next Monday).

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A exit from London Gatwick or Stansted to Dubai starts at £319

Riders hoping for a touch of Australian sunshine this spring are in luck as a departure from London to Perth with the airline starts at £619 for a income ticket.

Emirates are also flying from Newcastle and Birmingham from a starting expenditure of £639.

This price rises to £659 when flying from either Manchester or Glasgow.

Aeroplanes to Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Bali and Hanoi are also available in the vault sale.

This news of cheap flights comes off the back of an ad made last year that the airline would be introducing the new UK roads in a bid to boost the UK economy.

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Emirates now offer flights from London Gatwick and Degenerated airport

By Flying from London Gatwick, the airline now connects commuters to over 154 destinations across the globe.

As a response to the announced type last December Laurie Berryman, Emirates Vice President, UK, voiced: “The introduction of the new London Stansted-Dubai route not only signifies 10 commonplace flights between Dubai and three different London Airports but is also meet news to businesses based in the Stansted catchment area who, before now, journeyed to central London to fly to airports with global reach. 

“The additional gateway purposefulness also prove useful to the new start-ups and existing SMEs, which turn out a growing section of the Cambridge business community. 

“We pride ourselves as an airline in tie together people and economies and the addition of the Stansted gateway is the latest on our growing network.”

Ken O’Toole, London Stansted’s Chief Chairman of the board went on to add: “We’re delighted that Emirates has recognised the strength of London Stansted’s catchment and the break that our available runway capacity gives them to continue spread in the South East of England over the next decade.”

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