Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped: This yoghurt is actually CHEESE


Skyr is a all the rage yoghurt amongst the Brits purely because of it’s fatty texture that is in some way fat free.

rt of the reason why many people enjoy this Icelandic yoghurt is it’s swarming and creamy consistency.

Around 15,000 cups of Skyr yoghurt are vended every week.

Jimmy heads out to Iceland to find out the secret behind this robust dairy product that is creating a stir.

He visits a farm, which put ups the only viking cows in the country, and this is where the milk for the yoghurt bear down on from.

The first thing he learns is that Skyr is made functioning more milk that standard yoghurt.

In fact it is made using surrounding 3.5 litres more milk.

Jimmy then heads to a mill in Iceland, which make this popular yoghurt.

When the bleed reaches the factory it is first steurised.

It is then se rated into skimmed draw off and cream or the fat. The skimmed milk then forms the basis of Skyr.

This drain is then fermented with a special bacteria unique to the com ny and Iceland.

The trained tells Jimmy that is in fact more like “fresh cheese than yoghurt”.

At one time fermented the next stage in the yoghurt making process is se rating the curds and the whey.

Here Jimmy learns that during this dispose of in most other yoghurts, the protein is lost in the whey, but here is it retained and one of the vindications why it is deemed healthy.

This process continues until the yoghurt gets that thick and creamy texture that it is so known for, and yes, without the fat – by a hairs breadth protein.

The story comes after revealed that mead yoghurt is one of the nine foods that can boost fertility.

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