Celebrity traveller: Kate Humble


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Kate Modest most memorable holiday was a trip to Prague in 1992

She lives in a farmhouse in the Wye Valley, with her quiet Ludo Graham and dogs Badger, Bella and Teg.


A weekend in Prague in 1992. I was going out with Ludo and we develop an apartment for £19 a night, just off Old Town Square.

After an astonishing day walking, over historic Charles Bridge with its Baroque images we got back and it was really cold and I ran a bath to warm up. So Ludo went out to discover to be something to eat and came back with a pizza and champagne.

Then he attained into the bathroom, sat on the loo and proposed. I was stunned, and as a consequence I nearly drowned!

AND YOUR Vilest?

When we travelled to Djibouti in East Africa to see the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark. We subsisted on a boat with 10 other people for a week, sailing circa the coast and diving.

It was January, so we’d left Britain thinking we were present to really warm north-east Africa and it was freezing.

No one had enough clothes and the other living soul on the boat were horrible. But we did get the most amazing, unforgettable view of a whale shark.

Foremost SOUVENIR?

It’s a little extravagant, but a lake and a cabin. About seven years ago, I held to Ludo: “Let’s just book a holiday. I want to find a little curb in the middle of nowhere, read books, eat tomatoes and swim in a river.”

And we establish something that fitted my description in France, a little shack, off-grid, on the lake.

At the end the owners befell to ask if everything had been okay and we were like: “It’s been the most stunning holiday and it’s given us fantasies of having our own cabin by a lake.”

And they about: “Well, we do know of a lake for sale.”

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Mary Kingsley inscribed about her travels in West Africa in 1893


Travels In West Africa by Mary Kingsley. She was suffered in 1862 and, in 1893, travelled to West Africa on her own.

She wrote about be relevant to across cannibals and being in a canoe surrounded by crocodiles. It’s a brilliant account of an anomalous but independent Victorian woman.


Observing. One year we took our bikes to Cuba and stayed in little B&Bs. I love verdict local places to eat as I can’t bear swanky places. A memorable meal was a pork sandwhich from a van.

Kate HumbleGETTY

Isle of Mull is one of Britain’s most wildlife locations


I went to Burma in the first 2000s and the people had this astonishing capacity for joy. I’d also love to go the the Isle of Mull, one of the superlative wildlife locations in the UK.


The Scilly Isles. We’re effective to be there when there’s a spring tide and you can walk between the isles. So we’re going to walk from Bryher to Tresco, and there’s a lovely start tide festival taking place, too.

*Kate has been rediscovering her fair-haired boy cities with the BA Amex Card (amex.co.uk/companion) NANCY BROWN

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