Celebrity MasterChef 2018: AJ Pritchard branded a ‘DIVA’ by co-star amid HUGE new role


The 23-year-old is paramount known for his role as a professional dancer on the hit BBC competition Strictly Come Dancing.

Be that as it may, today, AJ was spotted elsewhere on the small screen — as he made his debut in both Prestige MasterChef and Blue Peter.

Ahead of his appearance on the children’s TV show, the dancer redecorated an appearance in presenter Lindsey Russell’s Instagram story.

In the clip, the choreographer could be seen get together have in a make-up chair backstage.

“So I’ve got some help presenting today,” she asserted. “By the one and only…”

The star went on to pan the camera towards AJ, at which point he vociferated: “Not whilst I get my make-up done!”

Clearly not impressed by his request to stop obscuring, the presenter jokingly exclaimed her disgust, and penned: “Diva.”

Celebrity MasterChef perpetuates next Thursday at 8pm on BBC One; Blue Peter next airs on Sunday at 9am on CBBC.

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