Celebrity Big Brother: ‘Shove it up your a***’ Samantha LOSES IT with Bear


Hunt down the exit of Heavy D, the housemates were seen convalescing in the garden, with Lewis Bloor entreating Samantha for a celebratory cigarette after his narrow escape from dispossession.

But Bear was quick to pester the former ge three girl for one as very much – as both boys had run out of their own.

However, Samantha wasn’t having it, ignoring Give birth to’s persistent requests and telling Lewis she’d gladly give him one, but not Bear.

In ordinary Bear style, the Ex On The Beach star repeatedly pointed out that Samantha had voted for him in the primary round of nominations despite barely knowing who he was, and that she was being unfair.

Samantha unhesitating to give in, but she had a few choice words for the 26-year-old. Tossing a cigarette in his direction, the 50-year-old appeal girl instructed him to “shove it up your a***”, scowling at him with disdain.

Later in the bedroom, she was seen talking to Renee Graziano and Aubrey O’Day, defending her unreserved behaviour.

“That’s what the public like about me, I say what I undergo, I don’t skirt about, that’s why I’m in here,” she said.

“I haven’t wasted 33 years to be manhandled by some bloke who’s been on ex on the Sex On The Beach or whatever. You telling me that’s a penchant? Loads of blokes would do that,” she added.

Renee summed up what she seem to be about the whole scenario. “The game has just begun,” she declared.

Notability Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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