Celebrity Big Brother: Love triangle pro Jasmine Waltz kisses Calum Best AND Jamie O'Hara


The US display caused a stir when she appeared on the Channel 5 reality show wager in 2014 and was caught up in a love triangle with Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor.

Now it arises as if history could be repeating itself as Jasmine can be seen lying in bed cuddling Calum in a teaser cut short for tonight’s show.

The 34-year-old turns over and kisses Calum on the lips first Jamie jumps into the other side of the bed.

Lying in the middle of the two men, Jasmine renounces Jamie on the cheek but later decides to leave the bed, climbing over the son of George Superior as she does.

Earlier in the day, Jasmine tells Calum’s mother, Angie: “It’s a likeable change from my last season where it was two girls and one boy, now I have the ascendancy hand! Now I can scoot around from man to man!”

Footballer Jamie has previously designated his admiration for Jasmine, admitting she was the housemate he would most like to be in the land of Nod with.

Angie says to Jamie later that “Jasmine would be approving for you.”  To which Jamie responds: “I like her…as a person…I wouldn’t say no.”

Jamie later rave-ups that he is more concerned about his blossoming friendship with Calum, adding: “I beggary to get my bromance back together with Calum. 

“Jasmine is getting active in both! She seems fun and up for a laugh. Jasmine is a beautiful girl; I’m not one to compete.

“I don’t penury to lose my boy! I think I may be kicked out my bed soon…”

Appearing to be more sweet on the 35-year-old authenticity favourite, Jasmine later smooches Calum in the smoking area in the forefront going to bed.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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