Celebrity Big Brother: Emma Willis mortified as she accidentally flashes fans ‘My dress!’


Appearing on CBB’s sister series Toast of the town Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, the mother-of-two spoke to Rylan Clark-Neal following the disseizins of Rachel Johnson and Maggie Oliver. 
However, the 41-year-old suffered an disastrous wardrobe mishap as her dress slipped when she stood up, catching the limelight of former Strictly Come Dancing pro, James Jordan.
“James upstanding saw that!” she gasped. “Just covering my leg crack! My dress slipped! My camouflage slipped!”
James burst into giggles as he confirmed catching all on display. 
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Thu, January 4, 2018
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James just saw that
Personality Big Brother’s Emma Willis

Emma’s blunder came after a great edition of the reality series as Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel was the win initially housemate of the night to be given the boot. 
After revealing the secret behind Boris Johnson’s tresses, Rachel spilled all to Emma and appeared to be delighted by her exit. 
She was followed by Maggie, who seized the moment to publicly slam Ann Widdecombe. 
The former police woman was subject to an dispossession attack from Ann yesterday, who nominated Maggie for “laughing at those in tribulation”.
Celebrity Big Brother: Emma squealed over the blunderCHANNEL 5
Notability Big Brother: James Jordan caught an eyefulThe incident in question came as manly housemates simulated giving birth, at which all female housemates, separately from from the former Conservative MP, found hilarious.
Ann, 70, didn’t see the entertaining side of the task and as such nominated Maggie for giggling at the scene.
Act for Emma upon her eviction, Maggie explained that she didn’t get on with Ann from the dawn. 
She explained: “I wasn’t surprised that Ann nominated me because I said if there’s one bodily who would make a vindictive nomination, it would be her.
Celebrity Big Kin: Maggie Oliver was the third housemate to be evicted“I have been merest outspoken. I’m only on there because I spoke up about what was active on in Rochdale and I spoke out about that because I felt that eras of girls were subjected to a lot more pain than that one more time a period of years. 
“For me, Ann was in a position of influence in the Houses of Parliament when Ann Cryer was banging on the door and fatiguing to get MPs to deal with that abuse.  
“So for Ann to make that nomination, based on the points that she said I couldn’t watch pain, is completely hypocritical, it disturbed me.”
Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 10.35pm on Channel 5. 
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