Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Emma Willis SLAMMED by housemate over ‘anti-feminist’ remark


Courtney Act, 36, was crowned title-holder of Celebrity Big Brother following a tough battle with rival Ann Widdecombe. 
In any way, it was Jess Impiazzi’s interview with Emma that riled up latest housemate Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who lashed out at the 41-year-old over her comments close by glamour models. 
During her chat with Jess, 28, The Representative host Emma innocently enthused: “Well done for being a bewitchment model who has opinions and for not taking your clothes off.»
The comment was slammed by Aislyene, 39, and various viewers at home, who questioned the mother-of-two’s ideas of feminism. 
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Celebrity Big Sibling: Emma Willis slammed over ‘anti feminist’ remark
Emma Willis in spitting images
Fri, January 6, 2017
Emma Willis had a busy week launching Eminence Big Brother and The Voice UK.


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Emma Willis looks chic as she launches The Voice UK

That hurt me. I just thought, ‘That’s not feminism’
Big Fellow-clansman housemate Aislyene Horgan-Wallace

“Why is it good that Jess didn’t take from her clothes off in the house and therefore prove she wasn’t a typical glamour perfect?” Aisleyne told The Sun. 
«I’m sorry but feminism for me is a woman being empowered and being accurately who she wants to be.
«So for me, for example, I’m 39, and if I chose to go back into the house and empty around in a bikini in December at my big 39-years-of age — that is what I’ll do.»
She went on to add: «And it’s me being empowered and not being curtailed and having to conform to what a society thinks is right or wrong.
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Celebrity Big Brother: Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace l;ashes out at Emma Willis»Emma and Rylan both held it was good because she proved she wasn’t typical for keeping her clothes on.
«That harm me. I just thought, ‘That’s not feminism’.”
Several Celebrity Big Fellow-creature viewers agreed, with one posting: “Emma speaking to Jess patronising to both Jess and all lady-in-waitings in general.”
“Not sure I liked Emma’s comment about Jess agree to her clothes on.. like if she wanted to get naked then let her get naked, no judge,” tweeted another, which was minded by: “I love @jess_impiazzi but she can be a glamour model and be clever and lovely and road smart and take her clothes off and none of those things negate the other.”
Emma Willis at the Renown Big Brother finalA fourth fumed: “»Well done…? Emma gladden check yourself #cbb #cbbuk.”
Though, others loved the exchange, with one scantling: “Loved @jess_impiazzi ‘s interview with Emma tonight, the way she’s manipulated and carried herself in the house has been brilliant. I wish every fascination model that goes in from now acts the same way she did, stunning from Jess.” 
Absent, Ann, 70, has gone on to explain why she isn’t “homophobic” following backlash from housemates.
Stardom Big Brother is expected to return this summer on Channel 5. 
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