Celebrity Big Brother 2017: ‘Take responsibility!’ Angie Best EXPLODES at Coleen Nolan


After Coleen exacted Angie wasn’t “ready” for Celebrity Big Brother, the mother of Calum Outdo has now had a pop at the Loose Women star over her smoking. 

Coleen began her day in the Journal Room, gushing over Angie, 64, and her “amazing” diet.

“She advised ofs every ingredient in everything,” the 51-year-old beamed. 

Later in the smoking space, Angie warned Coleen and Jamie O’Hara, 30, that she’s distressed about their habit, but took particular offence at the 60s girl merge star because of her family history with cancer. 

“What hassles me is that you know how dangerous it is to get sick more than anybody and yet you to do all the things you possibly can to make your body sick,” Angie ranted. “What is this, a little beat me up time or what?”

Stunned, Coleen abruptly responded: “No.”

“You must take responsibility for your body,” Angie added. 

And Coleen didn’t be involved the comments lying down, and later confessed to Calum that she demands his mum to be “edited out”. 

Sadly for Coleen, her fellow “Producers” disagreed, striking off Bianca Gascoigne and Ray J to weld fellow beige tracksuit fans Stacy Francis, James Cosmo and Brandon Eliminate. 

The residents of the Borehamwood bungalow will be joined by another two new housemates tonight, and one of them is cogitating to be Jedward.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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