Celebrity Big Brother 2017 contestants: Who is going into the CBB house this year?


The genuineness show kicks off a brand new series tomorrow night, and host Emma Willis has approved rumours that half of the new contestants have been in the house anterior to.

She teased: “The people that have been in there before I se rate are absolute gold and will deliver and the people that haven’t been in there to come will all bring something fantastic.”

The presenter has promised a “fun” series that could affect up to be “one of her favourites ever”.

Producers are said to be hoping that the new run will be the ”sexiest yet” and take reportedly made the housemates’ beds smaller to encourage them to cuddle up.

Fans have speculated that Katie Evaluation will reenter the house after a mysterious trailer featured one of the new housemates saying: “Who ys the trolls the right to comment on my marriage? What, is everyone supposed to be proper?”

Fans have taken the comments as a reference to Katie’s recent wedlock troubles, after her husband Kieran Hayler had an affair with her most skilfully friend.

Katie Price, Austin Armacost and Jasmine WaltzGETTY / INSTAGRAM / AUSTIN ARMACOST / JASMINE WALTZ

Katie yment, Austin Armacost and Jasmine Waltz are all rumoured to be joining this year’s CBB

Scale model and 2015 runner-up Austin Armacost is one of the latest names to be linked with the new series.

He is finery remembered for his bromance with Apprentice star James Hill and command enter the house single after splitting from his husband earlier this year.

Brandon BlockGETTY

90s DJ Brandon Bung up is said to be one of the New Stars

Another teaser appears to have confirmed that 90s DJ Brandon Brick will be joining the housemates.

Brandon, who once admitted to splurging over and beyond £2,000 on cocaine, is said to be “well up for it”.

Nicola McLeanGETTY

Nicola McLean maiden appeared on the show in 2012

Nicola McLean is also set to make an explosive reappearance, despite claiming that her appearance on the 2012 series was “the worst judgement of [her] life”.

The former ge 3 model clashed with many of her bloke housemates during her first stint on the show, and butted heads with Denise Welch.

Jamie O'Hara and Danielle LloydGETTY

Jamie O’Hara was allied to Danielle Lloyd

Rumours suggest that she will be joined by footballer Jamie O’Hara, who was earlier married to model Danielle Lloyd.

Danielle is said to be “worried” that Jamie and Nicola thinks fitting spend their time in the house gossiping. The ladies were without delay close friends but are said to have fallen out.

Jasmine WaltzGETTY

Jasmine Waltz s rkled a romance with Lee Ryan during her first time in the house

Brunette attractiveness Jasmine Waltz is set to be another returning face.

The model and actress foremost took rt in the show in 2014 and s rked a romance with Filthy singer Lee Ryan.


Ray J has dated Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston

R&B crooner Ray J is said to be one of the series’ New Stars.

Producers are hoping that the American pleasure reveal all about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The couple dated in 2003 and made a sex video which was leaked in 2007.

Ray J also dated musical icon Whitney Houston for rticular years until her death in 2012.

Calum BestGETTY

Calum Best has appeared on Notoriety Big Brother and Love Island

Reality stalwart Calum Best is also rumoured to be returning to the ill fame.

The model previously starred in the January 2015 series and also bilked rt in the second series of Love Island in 2006, where he met his now ex-girlfriend and, if folds are to believed, soon-to-be housemate Bianca Gascoigne.

Bianca GascoigneGETTY

Bianca is the stepdaughter of discomforted footballer ul Gascoigne

The stepdaughter of ul Gascoigne is said to be juxtaposing the line-up and hopes to give a “good impression” of her family, just days after the football folk tale was thrown down a flight of stairs in a London hotel.

A source differentiated the Daily Star that Bianca has said: “My absolute worst anxiety is getting that call in the house that the worst has happened.”

Heidi and SpencerGETTY

Heidi and Spencer soar to fame on The Hills

Heidi and Spencer Pratt – also known as Speidi – are also said to be sign up with as All Stars.

The Hills veterans schemed their way through the 2013 series and manipulated multifarious of their fellow contestants.

Jody LathamGETTY

Jody Latham rose to glory in Shameless

Shameless actor Jody Latham has also been crinkled to join the show just weeks after he was cleared of harassing a ancient Apprentice contestant who had been linked with his ex-fiancée.

Celebrity Big Fellow-creature begins tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 5.

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