Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Coleen Nolan squeezes breasts during racy Calum Best lap dance


The Indefinite Women presenter was tasked by Big Brother to perform a «sexy lap dance» on the housemate she catch sight ofs the most attractive.

Deciding on reality TV favourite, Calum, Coleen sashayed once again to him and began her routine.

The other housemates cheered as the 51-year-old wiggled her tokus in his lap and finished the dance by pushing her breasts into the 35-year-old’s face.

Calum performed to have enjoyed the situation, telling Coleen afterwards: «I love you so much.»

Later on, notwithstanding how, things were not so amicable between the pair as Calum overheard Coleen talking far him to footballer, Jamie O’Hara.

He later revealed in the Diary Room that he reason he had heard her refer to him as a “one-night stand kinda guy” to Jamie.

Calum said he credited Coleen had made the comment to make Jamie feel better here his chances with Jasmine Waltz.

Still furious about the note, he continued: “I’m not going to be put down to make someone feel better.  

“I’ve operated my a** off to change a reputation that I was stuck with, I’m not that dude, for someone to f**royal call me out like that it f**king pissed me off.

“If I’m right about what I believe, it would make nominations a lot easier.»

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Furrow 5.

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