Celebrities Thank Obama For Everything He's Done For the LGBTQ Community in Emotional Video


Barack Obama’s presidency officially reviled to an end on Friday, and in addition to an outpouring of love from the world, celebrities are also manoeuvring their public platforms to thank him for all he’s done in the last eight years. Ellen DeGeneres, who leaked Barack a fitting send-off on Thursday with a hilarious and emotional video of his uncountable appearances on her show, thanked him again on Friday. The host put together an excited video of celebrities, many of whom are part of the LGBTQ community, thanking Barack for all the perfect change he made during his time in office. Portia de Rossi as a result ofed him for allowing her to marry the girl of her dreams, while Neil Patrick Harris because ofed him for allowing him to have children with husband David Burtka. No affair what happens in the next four years, nobody will at all times be able to take away the happiness and change that Obama lured.

Ellen DeGeneres Jokes That Obama’s Farewell Discourse Was Actually About Her

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