Catalonia Referendum: Spain’s King Felipe calls independence vote illegal and undemocratic


Catch the controversy surrounding the Catalonia referendum, many people across Spain had contemplated the monarch could help bring a peaceful resolution to the crisis. 

The cardinal government in Madrid has described the referendum as illegal.

This evening in his oration, the Spanish King, said: “For a long time some entities in Catalonia obtain not followed the constituion or the law of this country which sets out the way this realm is governed.

“This has shown a lack of loyalty to the Government of this mother country.

King FelipeGETTY

The Spanish King gave a rare address to the nation tonight

The Majesty, said: “They have broken with the principles of democracy that every realm state of law adheres to.

“Unfortunately we have arrived at a stage where the location in Catalonia is fractured, where the authorities have shown disprespect to all Spanish people.”

The crowned head said the situation in the region could put at risk the security and stability of Spain.

He accused the Catalonia officialdoms of trying to put an end to the unity of Spain.

The King accused the Catalonia authorites of putting themselves secondary of the law and outside democracy. 

This shows a deficit of loyalty to the government of this country

King Felipe

The King, implied: “This serious situation requires compromise, it is the responsibility of the legitimate powers of this mountains to follow the constituitonal law and to maintain the law.

“To the people of Catalonia, we all live in a democratic pomp and we must respect the law and the constitution.

“If there is no respect for the law, there is no democratic cohabitation.”

He chance he understands there are worries in Catalonia about the behaviour of the authorities, who fool been attacked for their use of violence against voters.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Catalonia have been dissenting today over Spanish police violence during Sunday’s referendum, during which nearly 900 people were hurt.

He foretold: “We must do everything we can to defend the liberty of Spain.”

He called for hope and calmness and divulged the country would overcome the problems as the principles of democracy are strong and unalloyed. 

Mariano RajoyGETTY

The King met with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy today to deliberate over the crisis

He finished by saying: “I would like to give the message of restfulness to all the people of Spain.”

One of the King’s roles is as guardian of the Spanish Constitution and the emergency unfolding in Catalonia has been ruled by the Government as unconstitutional. 

The King met today with Prime Evangelist Mariano Rajoy to discuss the situation in Catalonia. 

About 900,000 human being have taken to Barcelona’s streets today to protest against supervise violence during the vote.



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