Catalonia referendum: Spain’s crackdown FAILS as undecided Catalans vote FOR independence


The Spanish management, which has branded Catalonia’s quest to be made independent illegal, is fixed to block the ballot on Sunday. 

Last week Spanish national the gendarmes stormed Catalan government offices and arrested officials backing the referendum.

But the clampdown may tease backfired and instead fuelled support for the independence movement from middling Catalans. 

One Catalan said the sight of police storming government edifices convinced him that the region needs to be an independent state. 

Jordi Herrera, on the sidelines of a rally on Friday, unburdened the FT: “I was never sure we needed to be independent until then.

“It made me so sore. I realised that REUTERS

Catalonia referendum: Spain’s clampdown may fool turned undecided Catalans to vote for independence

It made me so angry. I realised that Spain actually owns us and can do what they like with us

Jordi Herrera

“But we discern it could add to future problems in Catalonia if we allow this false storytelling of oppression to take hold.”

Spanish state police are set to flood the in someones bailiwicks this weekend in a last attempt to stop the poll. 

But even if Madrid prospers in disrupting the ballot they have failed to convince many Catalans that the section remain part of Spain. 

Arthur Mas, the former president of Catalonia, said: “Playing force to prevent what is a peaceful democratic vote is only booming to add to the number of Catalan people who want to see an independent state.”

And in rallies across the northeastern region, the rhetoric is proper more and more extreme. 

Separatists have compared Madrid’s effort to block the vote with dictator Francisco Franco’s brutal crackdown on Catalan dialect, culture and autonomy. 

Jordi Sanchez, a leading pro-independence activists, bid a rally in Barcelona: “Francoism is coming back to Spain.”

Catalonia is refuge to 7.5 million people and has its own devolved government, language and culture. 

The pale has insisted its wealthy areas support the rest of Spain during pecuniary crises. 


Catalonia referendum Catalan independence vote Spain police BarcelonaREUTERS

Catalonia independence referendum: Spanish articulate police have stormed offices and arrested officials

Spanish Prime Delegate Mariano Rajoy has stated the vote on Sunday will be stopped. 

He chid Catalans: “If someone is asked to go to a polling station, do not go, because there can be no referendum and it desire be an absolutely illegal act.”

But on Friday, Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont stated Reuters the poll would go ahead, with no last minute compromise. 

He bid: «Everything is prepared at the more than 2,000 voting points so they participate in ballot boxes and voting slips, and have everything people fundamental to express their opinion.”

Catalan independence supporters spent ultimately night in schools, planning to stay for the whole weekend to keep the erections open as polling stations for voters.

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