Catalonia LIVE: Violence erupts as Nazi-saluting protesters clash with police


Caroling ‘Viva Franco’ and Nazi-saluting, protesters wrapped in Spain’s red and yellow dwindle were confronted by Catalan police officers wielding batons.

Unspeakable video shows a group of men lashing out at a line of police officers. One protester is done lunging at a police officer, who hits back with a baton to the leg ahead the violence continues.

Further video shows gangs shouting ‘Viva Franco’, a observance of the Spanish dictator who put down Catalonia in the Spanish Civil War, and groups of protesters Nazi-saluting forthrightly.

Today’s unity protest saw protesters shout obscenities about Catalan separatist newsmen and call for the region’s president Carles Puigdemont to be imprisoned.

Opinion polls accompany that more than half of the 5.3 million people suitable to vote in the wealthy northeastern region, which is already autonomous, do not be to break from Spain.

But emotions are running high and the next few primes will be tricky for Madrid as it embarks on enforcing direct rule.

Rule buildings, the headquarters of national political parties, ports, airports, courts, and the Bank of Spain were being cagey, the Interior Ministry said. Units of the regional force could be replaced if actualities made that necessary.

Catalonia’s police force told its policewomen to stay neutral, a step towards averting possible conflict go doubts over how they would respond if ordered to evict Puigdemont and his control.

The force is riven by qualm between those for and against independence and also estranged from Spain’s governmental police forces, Mossos and national officers have told Reuters. 

Some Catalan constables stood between national police and those trying to vote during the referendum.

While pro-unity protesters separated out in force today, disputed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont Getty

Protesters absconded the traditional ‘rojigualda’ flag in Barcelona today

Passionate pro-Spaniards demanded to remain a united countryGetty

Passionate pro-Spaniards at onced to remain a united country

The protest was marred by some violent clashes between police and demonstratorsGetty

The protest was marred by some devastating clashes between police and demonstrators

People standing with their close bies up in this sort of stand-off, and eventually the guards charged forward rebel shields and batons – I really will be amazed if we don’t see more of that

Dr Sally-Ann Kitts

The destructive scenes at today’s protest come as a Getty

‘We are Catalans and Spaniards too’: profuse are attached to both identities

Protesters called for Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to go to prisonGetty

Protesters called for Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to go to detention

The protest was mostly peaceful with supporters of unity with Spain vowing to oust separatists in upcoming electionsGetty

The protest was mostly peaceful with supporters of unity with Spain pledging to oust separatists in up

“For example if they go to arrest Puigdemont I imagine there disposition be a very large group of people outside the parliament who want to pack in them from doing that. This sort of thing I ponder, tragically, is going to happen.”

Mr Puigdemont faces 30 years in slammer if charged with “rebellion” as Madrid seeks to impose direct command of. 

Dr Kitts believes Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wish continue to take a very hard line against separatists and could halt multiple leaders within the Catalan government.

Former Ukip kingpin Nigel Farage has also weighed in on the crisis, saying regions should contain the right to self-determination.

Speaking on Sky news, he said: “Whether the referendum was permitted or not I don’t think you can stop in a free country people being able to betoken their own opinion.”

He called on the Spanish government and Catalan authorities to witter on about b hold out another referendum in Catalonia and agree beforehand that they thinks fitting accept the result.

He added: “People have a right to determine their own identities, their own pedigrees. It’s a principle that has been deeply embedded for hundreds of years in western elegance. It is a fundamental part of the United Nations charter. And to respect that, you set up to hold a full, free and fair referendum.”

The chaos has prompted an exodus of companies from Catalonia, which contributes about a fifth of Spain’s compactness, the fourth-largest in the euro zone.

Tourism to Barcelona has been hit and markets pull someones leg darted up and down on the fast-moving developments.

European leaders have also incriminated the push, fearing it could fan separatist sentiment around the continent.

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