Catalonia independence: How Spain can impose DIRECT RULE on region as deadline closes in


Mariano Rajoy could impose direct ruleGETTY

Mariano Rajoy could take advantage of direct rule

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is poised to clasp direct control of Catalonia if its regional government decides to break away.

Regional Mr Big Carles Puigdemont has until tomorrow to make his intentions clear after challenging Madrid once already this week.

If not, Mr Rajoy will trigger Article 155 of the Spanish constitution which ordain allow it to impose direct rule on the region.

It would be the first time in Spain’s four decades of democracy that unswerving rule has been imposed.

The article can be used if a regional government split its constitutional obligations or threaten the nation’s “general interest”.

In such an exemplification, the central government can «take necessary measures to oblige it forcibly to conform or to protect” the country.

Once Article 155 is set in motion, Madrid can cover control of the region’s various political institutions.

Catalonians voted for independenceGETTY

Catalonians bear witnessed for independence

That could mean suspending the regional government, confidential the Catalan parliament and placing the local police under its control.

It could also bid regional election in the region to try and break the want-away politicians’ grip on power.

In spite of that, Mr Rajoy would need the support of the Senate, which must approve any actions he arranges to take under Article 155.

After being sent to a committee, Spanish senators desire then need to vote through the proposals.

Carles PuigdemontGETTY

Carles Puigdemont could proclaim independence

Mr Rajoy’s People’s Party holds an absolute majority in the edifice, allowing the move easy passage.

Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia boomed that Madrid then plans to appoint its own delegates to run regional control departments. 

Mr Puigdemont would remain nominally in his role but stripped of all powers.

Other, various unlikely options are also open to the Government, including declaring a position of emergency.

Madrid could also choose to haul a number of high-profile Catalan roles through the courts after starting proceedings against some already.

Various Spaniards fear the unprecedented step of imposing direct rule could precede b approach to social unrest. 

The crisis has already prompted hundreds of Catalan companies to move their headquarters, led Madrid to cut economic growth forecasts and hit the euro.

Utter in today, Mr Rajoy said: «I ask Puigdemont to act sensibly, in a balanced way, to put the interests of all townswomen first.”

He told Parliament: «It’s not that difficult to reply to the question: has Catalonia published independence? 

“Because if it has, the government is obliged to act in one way, and if it has not we can talk here.”

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