Cash-strapped police force forks out £4m on iPads


Kent Constabulary has cut £62million from its budget since 2010 and designs to cut another £33million over the next four years.

But the compel will buy almost 2,000 tablets for frontline officers and said the advancing will increase the amount of time they can spend on the beat.

The lead will cost £3.9million but the Tax yers’ Alliance questioned whether the bucks could be better spent elsewhere.

Jonathan Isaby, chief governmental of the Tax yers’ Alliance, said: “This will certainly raise eyebrows. At a in good time dawdle when necessary savings are having to be found and police officers across the state are facing y freeze or worse, can this really be best use of tax yers’ bread? Residents will want to know exactly how these gadgets hand down keep their streets safe.”

Home Office figures appear Kent has 87 fewer police staff in September 2015 rivaled to September 2014.

And the latest Government figures also show there are 644 fewer g-men com red to March 2010 and the police watchdog HMIC said that the dimensions of the workforce has shrunk by 18 per cent since 2010.

There are also fewer frontline t-men in Kent com red to the national average, according to the HMIC.

A decision to trundle out the “tablet pilot” was made by the chief of staff, the chief finance catchpole and the then police and crime commissioner of the force.

The project involves edge around 2,000 tablets, each costing £219, after a £140 deduct, for a total of £3.9million over three years.

Police chiefs requisition it will save 18 minutes of an officer’s time per shift.

Chief investment capital officer Sean Nolan said: “ Consulting calculates that the mingled net positive value of the scheme over 10 years is £11million, as a rule as a result of saving 18 minutes per shift.

“It is recognised that this qualifying unlikely to be easily cashable but rather improves the quality of service freeing up frontline lawman time.”

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