Carwyn Jones ‘stands by’ answers on bullying in Welsh Government


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First Minister Carwyn Jones has said he “weathers by the answers I’ve given” following fresh accusations he has misled the assembly outstanding allegations of bullying within the Welsh Government.

Former minister Leighton Andrews designated he had misled AMs “on several occasions” on what he knew.

Mr Jones told BBC Wales it was “hugely momentous” the matter was being dealt with by an independent advisor.

He added he resolve not allow it to “deflect” him from his work.

Mr Andrews brought up allegations of awing within the Welsh Government in 2014 following the death of his former lowboy colleague Carl Sargeant in November, saying they had both been butted.

The first minister has referred allegations he misled the assembly when quizzed about the matter to an independent inquiry led by Irish lawyer James Hamilton.

In an email to the key minister sent last Tuesday, Mr Andrews said: “I never forgive oneself to say that I believe that you have misled the National Assembly on diverse occasions since Carl Sargeant’s death, notably in answers in Oldest Minister’s Questions on 21 November and 5 December, and in a variety of written answers respecting to what you knew about bullying or other issues of concern and when, whether there had been kicks or demands put to you by me or others for a formal investigation, and whether or not questions had been unearthed with you as to whether a special adviser had broken the code for special cicerones.”

Responding to the allegation, Mr Jones told BBC’s Sunday Politics Wales events: “I stand by the answers that I’ve given.

“I don’t know what the accusations are any myriad – there are so many of them, they vary over time.

“I regard as it’s hugely important for everybody that this is dealt with in the individual way, that it should not be dealt with in the media but dealt with as comparatively of the investigation of the independent adviser.”

On Wednesday, Conservative AM Darren Millar revealed it was Mr Sargeant who had prayed him to table written questions to the first minister in 2014, to establish what he comprehended about allegations of bullying by staff working for him or the Welsh Government.

Mr Jones pronounced the string of allegations made against him over the past weeks had not engrossed him from his duties as first minister.

“Nothing overshadows all the work we do,” he bring to light.

“I’m here to do a job; to deliver for the people of Wales, to deliver on the manifesto that we were selected on last year. Nothing will deflect me from that.

“When you’re in administration you have to go on, you have to deliver for people, you don’t get deflected from that.”

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