Cartel hitman flees Ireland due to garda 'heat'


The mercurial thug, who was based in Finglas, quit Dublin because he is “sick and bushed” of the in-your-face policing tactics used by gardai and specialist units against the mobsters.

“This solitary is temporarily out of the country and the situation is that he has become sick and tired of all the unvarying garda attention that he has been getting over the last few months,” a fountain-head told the Herald.

“He was identified as a key player in the Kinahan-Hutch feud because of his seal association with the cartel, and gardai have certainly been harbour tabs on him.”

Gardai had been operating a search-on-sight policy with the gangster and time after time used overt surveillance, such as rking near his home, when he was middle.

While he has fled, his girlfriend remains in north Dublin.

Since the Regency Inn attack on February 5, the thug has also been warned of an operative threat against his life.

His home has been raided and he has been prevented and questioned about the murder of Eddie Hutch Snr in Dublin’s north-inner see on February 8.

Gardai have also been investigating if the criminal was elaborate in the murder of Noel ‘Kingsize’ Duggan (55), a former business sidekick of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, who was shot dead outside his home in Ratoath, Co Meath, on Cortege 23.

The thug was warned about an active threat against his life because of his suspected rt in the murders, but abused detectives when they issued him with the formal heed four months ago.

The criminal has forged a fierce reputation over the days two years and is now considered one of the most powerful gangsters in north Dublin.

It is covenanted he has a number of “runners” working for him, and while not considered a drugs wholesaler he is felt to be making thousands of euro each week from his involvement in treat distribution.

He is also linked to a Cabra criminal who was jailed last year in truck to a savage assault after which the victim died.


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