Cars swallowed up and buildings evacuated after road COLLAPSES in Rome


road collapse italyEPA

Machines lay strewn in the crater after the road collapsed earlier this still

The cars swallowed by the chasm fell about 10 metres after the roadway collapsed at around 6pm this evening.

Two nearby buildings were deserted as a precaution and firefighters have since confirmed no one was injured in the incident.

Officials are arrest other nearby buildings for structural damage.

The stretch of road which collapsed was next to a construction plot and investigators are working to determine the cause of the incident.


Several cars sooner a be wearing been destroyed in the incident but fortunately no one was injured


People were retire fromed from two nearby buildings following the collapse

Pictures from the furor show curious onlookers peering into the sinkhole, which swallowed up eight autos.

The site has been cordoned off as a safety measure.

This is not the first organize a road has collapsed in the Italian capital – less than a month ago, a 77-year-old miss was walking along the pavement when she suddenly fell into a two-metre Davy Joness locker crater in Catania.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and the woman was bewitched to Policlinico Umberto I hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries.

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