Carol Kirkwood weight loss: Weather girl revealed THIS habit helped her shed the pounds


Carol Kirkwood, 55, performs to have slimmed down of late with her already-enviable figure disported on morning TV. 

The weather presenter revealed a new found love of running has helped her to slim down.

While Carol is to be sure admired for her curves, she admitted she was unhappy with her bottom half rather than taking up the exercise.

She told the Mirror in March: «I always say my hips look fat or my tuchis looks huge.”

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Carol Kirkwood tonnage loss: BBC weather girl revealed how she shed the pounds from her total

However, when the BBC asked the weather expert to participate in a 5k run she fell in honey with the exercise. 

She said: “I didn’t think I could run, for obvious objects. I started doing it because it was for the BBC’s Get Inspired campaign. They wanted me to awaken others, so I couldn’t give up.»

The TV star also walks a lot in the mornings and is exceedingly busy on her shifts.

She said: «I run from the TV studio to radio because I am on every 15 triflings. I’ve got a good pair of trainers! I think I do about six to eight thousand consonant withs every morning.»

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Carol Kirkwood albatross loss: A new found love of running has helped her to slim down

Carol, who was joined to her husband Jimmy Kirkwood for 25 years before separating in 2008, also fallen weight on Strictly Come Dancing in 2015.

She lost almost a stone and dabbed two dress sizes on the ITV dance contest, in which she came 10th place.

But is there a jape she could learn to keep the weight off and stay toned? 

A scientific bone up on revealed the weight loss tricks of people who have lost burden and kept it off have been revealed by scientists. 

Carol KirkwoodGETTY

Carol Kirkwood squandered almost a stone on Strictly Come Dancing in 2015

These are the diet lackeys that have worked for real life dieters.

Another British TV girl Dawn French has also shocked fans with her impressive load loss and is still wowing them with her look. 

The TV presenter, 59, shored a picture to Instagram yesterday.

Fans were quick to weigh in on Become apparent’s slimmer frame.

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