Carey Mulligan Opens Up About Her Beloved Grandmother's Struggle With Dementia


Carey Mulligan Opens Up About Her Beloved Grandmother's Struggle With Dementia

Carey Mulligan tends to observe her private life just that, but she recently chose to open up nearby a topic close to her heart: her 91-year-old grandmother, Nan. The Oscar-nominated actress boarder hosted BBC Radio 4’s Best of Today show this week, where she indicate freely about Nan’s struggle with dementia, which she was diagnosed with in 2004. “When we consent she won’t remember that we’ve been there, but the sensation of being in the com ny of someone who inamoratos you is something that we can’t deny people,” she said. “There’s a calmness and fellowship, and these really fundamental feelings of being loved and being charmed care of by family who really love you. I think that’s something, regardless of how progressed your dementia is, that visits with you.”

The proud mom to 1-year-old Evelyn didn’t downplay the severity of her grandmother’s disorder, candidly explaining that each moment with Nan has its ups and downs. “It into the possession ofs so awful and we’ve had terrible visits where we’ve all ended up in tears, but then we demand the visits where something really magical happens,” she explained. The Suffragette actress’s grandmother currently materials in an assisted living home in her native Wales, and Carey and her family must discovered ways to reconnect with her. “She was a great lover of music, and she guided me to sing and she taught me to play the piano, and we realized that a lot of the times, moral playing music and sitting with her was just the sort of loveliest continually that we could spend with her,” she said. “Music is something that has habitually come around for people who have dementia that it’s a way of linking to the one-time, it’s a nostalgic thing, it’s a calming thing.”

Although dementia can be quite debilitating, Carey points to get rid of the negative stereotypes that people frequently associate with the ailment. “I used to grow up hearing a lot of people referring to their grand rents make ‘lost their marbles,’ which is of course something that we’d not till hell freezes over say about somebody who’d had cancer or heart disease,” she said. “I think the perception that dementia is a disease — it’s a disease of the brain, there are lots of many kinds of dementia, Alzheimer’s is one of them — and just spreading that awareness so that being really understand that this is a disease we have to fight.”

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