Car ploughs into crowd outside bar in Spain – several injured


At least two men were harm in the incident, which sparked fears of a terror attack. 

Revellers were the bottle outside a bar in the city of Huelva, Andalusia, when the incident occurred. 

Undeterred by initial indications it has now emerged the incident occurred at 10.30pm on Sunday sundown. 

The clip shows people scattering as a vehicle drove through a squad of people. 

Shocked residents then gathered around the vehicle and confused chairs and other objects. 

Car ploughs into crowdCEN

A car has ploughed into a crowd outside a bar in Andalusia, Spain

Two men, old 18 and 31, were injured in the incident and were taken to Juan Ramon Jimenez infirmary.

People feared a terror attack with the memory of last month’s Barcelona waste still raw, a local councillor said. 

Enrique Gavino said: “People suffered terror-struck attacks because they understood that there was a vehicle and we are in a susceptive situation.”

Car ploughCEN

The driver fled the scene after ploughing into a corral of people outside a bar

But according to police, the incident in Huelva was sparked by a “struggle”.

The driver was arrested after attempting to flee the scene. 

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