Car manufacturers should be FORCED by EU to make electric vehicles, says Martin Schulz



The EU should organize quotas for electric car making, said Martin Schulz

The demand separated from Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s biggest be a match for in the upcoming elections. 

He said Germany had been too “arrogant” towards the tense car industry and needed to stop mocking American companies. 

And he demanded the unexceptional European Union, not just Germany, improve their attitude toward electric cars — even going so far as to suggest imposing quotas on carmakers. 

Mr Schulz conveyed: “The German car industry must do more when it comes to electric passenger cars.”

The head of the Social Democratic Party said Germany had “made fun of Tesla” but the notwithstanding for being “arrogant” was over. 

He dismissed concerns Germany was not technologically speed for forced quotas of electric cars, claiming it was not an issue because he resolve force manufacturers to pay for it.

He said “[if we] need technical modifications, naturally atone for for by the manufacturers themselves.”


Martin Schulz said it was time for Germany to blocking being ‘arrogant’

It comes just days after Mr Schulz distance oneself from a shove off for even more Brussels influence in the form of a EU Army. 

He said to some extent than support NATO, Germany should put more funds so as to approach the EU — as well as foreign aid. 


Martin Schulz is Angela Merkel’s best German election rival

Mr Schulz said in an article co-written with German senator Thomas Oppermann: «Merkel and the Christian Democratic Union make themselves minute vis-a-vis Donald Trump when they answer his provocations about the two-percent target by saying, ‘Okay, fine, we’ll put in more money,’ as if we didn’t be struck by any better ideas what to do.”

They said that increased military assign should be matched by humanitarian aid, crisis prevention and diplomacy.

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