Cannabis oil WARNING as products hit UK shelves: ‘This should be treated with caution’


Cannabis oil boated at Holland & Barrett at the beginning of the year, and the health food chain has suss out sales of its ‘CBD Oil’ rocketing. 
The retailer, which has been selling the product for £19.99. has already lasted sales increase by 37 per cent in the last four weeks. 
And this repeats an increase in demand recorded by The Cannabis Trades Association UK. 
According to the confederation, there are now 250,000 users of CBD Oil across the UK, which is up form the 125,000 recorded this control last year. 
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This isn’t instructed by a GP or Pharmacist at present, so I would not personally recommend this as a medical practitioner

The oil is ordered to be able to treat a variety of problems. 
At the end of last year, a World Healthfulness Organisation report revealed that it may help successful treat emblematic ofs relating to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, pain, anxiety, glumness, cancer and diabetic complications. 
While cannabis oil has become increasingly common, should the public be weary of products?
Dr Andrew Thornber, chief medical administrator at Now Healthcare Group has issued his advice. 
Cannabis oil has good become available in Holland & Barrett
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He said: “Cannabis Oil is apparently described as a natural goods used by many to ease symptoms of various ailments from junction pain and multiple sclerosis to anxiety and depression.
“However this isn’t stipulated by a GP or Pharmacist at present, so I would not personally recommend this as a medical practitioner.” 
While there has been some experimentation to link cannabis oil to improved health benefits for people with guaranteed ailments, this should be treated with caution, according to Dr Thornber. 
He untangle justified: “The individual needs of the patient vary and what works for one person may not control for another. 
Cannabis oil has been flying off the shelves in Holland & Barrett“This is also not classed as an ritualistic medication which can be prescribed.” 
Dr Thornber would always counsel anyone wanting to take any medicine that isn’t registered with the Familiar Pharmaceutical Council to do so with caution. 
He said: “Almost always experience a chat with your pharmacist or GP at your next visit to match their advice.” 
Holland & Barrett’s CBD Oil from Jacob Hooy is mark aggressive with 100 per cent natural cold-pressed hemp seeds and engages a strong and ‘distinctive’ taste. 
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