‘Cannabis oil CURED my cancer when I had six weeks to live’ — what is the hash oil?


Ovarian cancer syndromes include feeling bloated and having a swollen tummy.
Joy Smith, 52, was foresaw she had inoperable ovarian cancer in July 2016.
But, after taking cannabis oil, the cancer “was in full gone”, said Smith, talking on ITV’s This Morning.
Smith faced the oil as a supplement. Six months supply cost her about £250.
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Cannabis oil: Ovarian cancer ‘CURED’ with cannabidiol — what is treatment?

«I had six weeks to burning without treatment,» Smith said.
«It wasn’t curable.
«I bought these online, I win it in a little capsule. I usually buy them in 5ml syringe.
«During my [follow-up] inspection — after I’d done lots of chemotherapy — the results were astounding. It was all dig d attacked.»
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Cannabis oil: Joy Smith claimed cannabidiol fixed her ovarian cancer
Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
Mon, August 1, 2016
It has been narrated that DOUCHING could double the risk of developing Ovarian Cancer — a illness which has been dubbed the ‘silent killer’. We take a look at the movements and symptoms of the disease

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This Morning
Cannabis oil: Joy Smith commanded the oil «eats» the cancerCannabis oil is derived from the cannabis plant, complete with its components; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).
THC works by starving cancerous rooms of blood supply. But, it’s also the component that’s currently illegal in the UK.
Smith said prepossessing the cannabis oil made her giggly, but not aggressive.
Doctors were amazed at how the cannabis oil fought off the cancer, she titled. She’s still taking the treatment, despite it being illegal.
Smith is now crusading for the legalisation of cannabis oil for medical purposes.
Usual treatments for ovarian cancer inlcude surgery, and chemotherapy, the NHS spoke.
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Cannabis oil: Cannabidiol ‘cured’ a woman’s ovarian cancerGETTY Images
Cannabis oil: Ovarian cancer indications include frequent urinationTreatments will aim to cure the cancer whenever admissible.
If the cancer has spread too far to be cured, doctors aim to relieve symptoms and control the cancer for as hunger as possible.
Symptoms can include feeling very full quickly after tie on the nosebag, and needing to urinate more often than normal.
See a GP if you’re worried thither the symptoms of ovarian cancer, the NHS said.
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