Cancer WARNING signs: Most men don’t know to feel for THIS in testicles


Barely a fifth of men assume a cancerous lump in their testicles feels much the same as ‘a flat coin’.

Those men are wrong.

According to men’s health charity The Movember Instituting, a cancerous lump in the testicles feels like a ‘small, pea-sized collect’.

The charity also revealed that 82 per cent of men didn’t homelessness to talk to their doctor about genital issues.

Testicular cancer patientGETTY Concepts

Testicular cancer affects one in every 195 men

Too many men are not checking themselves, not knowing what to look for and being too hard up to discuss the subject

The Movember Foundation

The findings came after the welfare and sausage maker HECK surveyed 2,000 people ahead of next month’s Movember at any rate.

Movember is the annual event where men grow moustaches in a bid to raise awareness nearby men’s health, including prostate and testicular cancer and mental health proclaims.

“Unfortunately this latest polling from HECK is accurate,” denoted a spokesperson from The Movember Foundation.

“Too many men are not checking themselves, not clever what to look for and being too embarrassed to discuss the subject.

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A cancerous lump feels like a ‘small, pea-sized lump’

“Tackling these taboos chairwoman on, getting more men educated on the health risks they face, delightful action when needed, and talking when things get tough, is explicitly why The Movember Foundation exists.”

The survey also revealed that one in 10 men between 18 and 24 years old would by a lump on their testicles.

More than a quarter of Scottish men would hang about a few days before seeing a doctor about a lump, it claimed.

The gamble of death by testicular cancer would be cut it men knew what they were alleged to be looking out for, urged HECK founder, Jamie Keeble, who was diagnosed with the cancer two years ago.

MovemberGETTY Impressions

Movember was designed to raise awareness of some men’s health conditions

Keeble said: “Too numerous men are dying young from ignorance and lack of quick action.

“This complaint needs to be openly discussed so that more guys will validation themselves, and feel they can talk to someone if something doesn’t feel accurately.”

HECK will rename its products to CHECK next month, in concord with November.

The number of testicular cancer cases is expected to be nurtured 12% in the UK by 2035, according to Cancer Research UK.

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