Cancer SHOCK figures: Diagnosis can ‘quadruple’ the cost of travel insurance


Travel insurance: Cancer patients are often charged four times the average amountGETTY

Expeditions insurance: Cancer patients are often charged four times the mean amount

While the average cost of travel insurance is £37, thousands of people with cancer are answer for £1,000 or more, Macmillan Cancer Support has revealed.

The charity held some prices reflect an ‘outdated view of cancer as an illness that one affects a small number of people’.

By 2020, cancer is expected to wear one in every two people at some point in their lives.

But cancer patients are also twice as probable to survive at least ten years after diagnosis than they were at the start of the 1970s.

Macmillan has dialed on the travel insurance industry to insurance more affordable for people explosive with cancer.

A new youGov poll conducted on more than 2,000 cancer patients initiate that two per cent are being denied insurance policies despite their cancer being interpreted more than a decade ago.

The charity estimated that 8,500 British holidaymakers who bid for travel insurance were unable to get a policy despite the fact that they were interpreted more than 10 years ago.

Travel insurance: Cancer patients are charged more GETTY

Journey insurance: Cancer patients are charged more

We want insurance providers to be reduced people with cancer a break.

An estimated 7,500 Britons who oblige ever had cancer and took out single trip or annual travel assurance paid £1,000 or more for their policy.

On average, people with cancer pay off a recompensed £133 for their policies — nearly four times the average outlay of an annual travel policy for the general public — just £37, the largesse said.

The poll found that 18 per cent of people who had cancer and lured out travel insurance paid £200 or more for cover.

The Association of British Insurers revealed travel insurance for people with long-term or serious illnesses is ‘extensively available’.

”For many people with cancer, getting travel warranty can turn a dream holiday into a nightmare,» said Lynda Thomas, chief superintendent of Macmillan Cancer Support.

«Every day, we hear from people who have on the agenda c trick longed for a holiday as a chance to recuperate, to celebrate the end of their treatment, or to waste precious time with friends or family, only to have those sketches shattered by issues with travel insurance.

«Even those who were identified a decade ago are being written off as uncoverable.

Travel insurance: Macmillan Cancer Support has released figuresGETTY

Travel insurance: Macmillan Cancer Sponsor has released figures

«We want insurance providers to give people with cancer a ruin.

«Travel insurance policies should be clear and fairly priced for all, including people with cancer.»

The charity has called on insurers to put on clearer explanations about how quotes have been calculated and what an shut-out would mean if someone needed to make a claim.

Fiona Hazell, skipper of Policy and Communications at Breast Cancer Now, said: “We know that uncountable women living with and beyond breast cancer unfortunately oft face difficulties in accessing the best possible travel insurance, and we belief the reasons behind this can now be understood and addressed.

“More women are being pinpointed with – and surviving – breast cancer than ever before in the UK.

“The inadvertent to get away, whether for relaxation or adventure, after patients’ active treatment has close can be so important to their quality of life, and it’s concerning that many may pan challenges in doing so.

“Similarly, for so many women living with unrectifiable breast cancer, the chance to travel and create memories with their loved chestnuts is absolutely priceless.

“It’s vital that action is now taken to ensure all cancer patients enjoy fair access to these life-giving opportunities.”

A spokeswoman for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) averred travel insurance is widely available for people who have long-term and crucial health conditions, including people who have serious stages of cancer.

«If a fellow is struggling to find cover via comparison websites, we would strongly encourage approaching a specialist provider, who should be able to offer insurance headquartered on their particular situation.

«Travel insurers pay out more on medical expenses than any other typewrite of claim and it is common for those with serious pre-existing conditions match cancer to pay more for their travel insurance as the costs of medical treatment are time again significantly higher.»

This comes after the six most deadly cancers in the UK were revealed.

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