Cancer causes revealed: Seven factors which can increase your risk


Cancer causes: Seven risk factorsGETTY

Cancer lead ti: Seven risk factors

Cancer will affect hundreds of thousands of people in the UK in a little while and health experts estimate one in two people will be diagnosed with the cancer at some stage in their life.

There are 200 different species of cancer — the disease can affect bones, organs, the skin, the breast, the imagination the bowel the bladder, the mouth, the liver and even the blood — to name reasonable a few.

Cancer is when abnormal cells — caused by gene changes within the cubicles — divide in an uncontrolled way.

Risk of developing cancer depends on a combination of genetics, locale and lifestyle factors — which people can monitor.

There are nine middlemen which can increase the risk of developing cancer.

These include:


Smoking escalates the risk of at least 14 cancers including lung cancer — one of England’s big killers and dramatically increases the risk of heart disease.

It can increase the chance of larynx cancer, oesophagus, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, end cancer, bowel, cervix and ovarian cancer, including some exemplars of leukaemia. The number of smokers in the UK has called to its lowest level with exclusive one in six people lighting up.

Cancer Research UK said achieving a tobacco-free UK by 2035 could dodge around 97,500 new cases of disease.

Obesity and weight

Being heavy or overweight can increase the risk of breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Cancer Investigate UK said that after smoking, being obese is the second biggest engender of preventable cancer with one in twenty cancers linked to being overweight. Pundits believe extra fat in the body can produce hormones and change the way cells fashion.

Cancer causes: Eating healthily can reduce the riskGETTY

Cancer causes: Eating healthily can reduce the risk

Cancer causes count alcohol and smoking


Alcohol has been linked to seven types of cancer, categorizing GETTY

Cancer causes: Seven risk factors

Diet and wholesome eating

Cancer Research UK said eating healthily could check one in ten cancers. Research has revealed increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in intake can reduce risk — and eating foods high in fibre, and cutting red kernel out of diet can reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Experts suggest commons high in salt can cause stomach cancer.

Sun and UV

Overexposure to UV light from the sun or sunbeds is the absolute cause of skin cancer. It can damage DNA and lead to skin cancer.

Infections and HPV

Infections take ining HPV can increase risk certain cancers, including anal cancer and cervical cancer.

HPV is a mere common infection — but only certain types can increase risk.  Helibacter pylori us a standard of bacteria which can increase the risk of stomach cancer.

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