CANCELLED FLIGHTS: Freezing fog causes MORE travel disruption to Christmas travellers


The frozen fog is sweeping across the UK, with many airports being forced to repudiate or heavily delay flights.

Manchester Airport suspended flights end night due to maintenance on Runway One, with the fog meaning Runway Two was operational, concurring to the BBC.

Flights to Amsterdam, Belfast and Aberdeen were cancelled with a trip to Dublin delayed by over five hours.

Whilst it reopened at 5:15pm, travellers are warned of huge delays still.

cancelled flights freezing fogGetty

Cancelled flights: Siberian fog is affecting flights from the UK

The airport tweeted: “Runway one has now re-opened mind essential maintenance work and operations have resumed. 

“As a result of the closure, there ordain be ongoing delays to clear the backlog of flights. 

“Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline.”

British Airways has also counteracted some of its short-haul flights as it copes with the extreme weather states.

Cancelled flights freezing fogGetty

Cancelled flights: UK freezing fog is sweeping the country

A statement on the website indicates: «Freezing fog is expected across parts of Southern England and Northern Europe from beforehand on Tuesday 19 December, and this is likely to affect flights arriving into and departing from London airports.

“If you are due to fly to or from European targets on Tuesday, you may choose to change your travel plans and rebook onto choice flights up until Friday 22 December.»

Flights to Scotland, Ireland and Madrid, develop into others, have been cancelled already, with others coating delays of a few hours.

Gatwick Airport has been hit with delayed flights of up to two hours as probably.

Cancelled flights freezing fogGetty

Cancelled flights: Heathrow and Manchester Airport have been la-di-da orlah-di-dah

Freezing fog occurs after cold water droplets remain in a runny form, despite the temperature being below freezing.

The Met Office has put a yellow indisposed warning in place as the fog spreads across the UK.

A meteorologist at the Met Office, Aidan McGivern, has resolved the weather conditions: “Fog patches forming quite readily during Monday level pegging, across central and eastern parts in particular — quite dense fog by unfold occur to.

“It is a cold and fairly bleak start across central eastern limits with some dense fog patches in places could cause disruption to excursion with a yellow warning issued.”

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