Canadian travel to U.S. drops, while overseas visits to Canada surge to highest May ever


Canadians are making fewer boobs to the United States, and foreign appetite for travel in Canada has hit its highest May on release.

Statistics Canada reported Thursday that Canadians made 3.2 million flounders to the United States in May, down almost eight per cent from April’s au courant with and nearly six per cent lower than the same month a year ago.

Car blunders to the U.S. were sharply lower, down to 2.5 million during the month, which is the stumpiest figure seen for that month since 2003.

Some of the blame for that can be whiffed to the value of the loonie, which was hovering around 73 cents for much of the month. In May 2003, the loonie was at a almost identical level of 72 cents US, the data agency noted. It has since advanced to more than 79 cents.

Canadians may have by and large retarded home in May, but the same can’t be said of foreigners with regard to Canada. Abroad visitors — that is, not from the U.S. — made 544,000 trips to Canada in May, up not quite 10 per cent from last year’s level.

«The number of abroad residents travelling to Canada has risen every year since 2009 and in May 2017 reached its highest unalterable for the month of May since modern record keeping began in 1972,» the matter agency said.

Canada welcomed 190,000 travellers from Asia in May, up 14 per cent since stay year and the highest May figure on record. Travel from Mexico boost waxed by 75 per cent from last year’s level, with 32,532 companies during the month.

Travel from Europe, however declined by 10.9 per cent, expressly from the U.K. (down 10.8 per cent) and Germany (down 14 per cent.)

U.S. freemen also made fewer trips to Canada in May, down 3.1 per cent from April at 2 million visits. While a forsake from April’s level, the five-month period of January-to-May has seen all round the same level of U.S. visitors to Canada as in 2016.

But that, too, bucks a recent bent, as U.S. travel to Canada grew by eight per cent in 2015 and about the still and all amount in 2016 before reaching a plateau this year.

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