Canada’s TSB recommends installation of stall warning system on Beaver-type aircraft


The Canadian Transportation Security Board (TSB) has suggested that all commercially operated de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver class aircraft should be equipped with a stall warning system.

TSB has also alleged Transport Canada to make its suggestion mandatory for Beaver-type aircraft performing commercially in the country.

The recommendation was given after completing an investigation of a floatplane boom that occurred in August 2015 near Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada.

“A fail warning system on board all commercially operated de Havilland DHC-2 aircraft wishes give pilots and passengers a last defence against this fount of loss of control.”

Taking place during a sightseeing flight, the experience destroyed the aircraft and fatally injured all the six occupants.

During its investigation into the skirmish, TSB found that the pilot made a low-altitude turn that restraints to an aerodynamic stall and caused the aircraft to enter a spin, where the aircraft interchanges and descends vertically.

TSB noted that a spin does not cause an catastrophe if it occurs at a sufficient altitude for the pilot to regain control of the aircraft.

TSB bench Kathy Fox said: “In this accident, the aircraft had no stall warning arrangement.

“Despite the pilot’s considerable experience, and even though he was an instructor on this aircraft sort, he did not perceive that a stall was imminent when he made the turn.”

Canada currently has 382 registered DHC-2 aircraft, of which 223 are familiar in commercial operations.

Fox added: “A stall warning system on board all commercially functioned de Havilland DHC-2 aircraft will give pilots and passengers a abide defence against this type of loss of control.”

In 2013, TSB persuaded Transport Canada to facilitate the installation of lightweight flight data recorders on sightseeing skates to help the service providers to monitor how their aircraft are being cut.

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